Who are we?  Who is Envizion?  What is Envizion?  We are based in Stafford, Virginia.  Together with my wife, We raise a host of children.  We're a mixed up crazy bunch who are committed to one another!  I thank God for them everyday!


Photography for us has been one of those things that just sort of happened!  We've always shared a passion and a love for it but never took it serious.  These days it has become a driving force in how we see life.  Our trade tools have become part of us, Lightroom, Photoshop and a host of Canon wear we have a party.  There's really no way to express oneself fully in words; that's what pictures do.  They create art, mood, scenery, etc.


Envizion is to see things as they could be or in some cases as they should be.  It's to look beyond the now, seeing the future of you!


Envizion is passion, it's the driving force in our ideals for producing the very best results in turning out the very best you that can be envizioned!  It's not settling for mediocre but pushing for more, changing and evolving incessantly.  Envizion is who we are and Envizion is what we do...




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